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MacBook Pro Battery Replacement Barrie-Innisfil.


Battery Replacement Service in MacBook Pro in Barrie-Innisfi. We fix your battery problem in your Apple MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and MacBook. Why do I need to replace my MacBook Pro battery? Battery is one of the components in your computer which degrades soon. MacBook have a battery cycle count and for newer MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air there is 1000 Cycle count. When the battery count cycle is over, the battery will not charge fully, battery power will drain out quickly and other more issues.

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We work on all MacBook Pro Battery Replacements in Barrie-Innisfil and its surrounding areas. Best MacBook Pro Battery Replacement we work on all MacBook Pro in Barrie-Innisfil and its surrounding area. Battery Replacement in MacBook Pro Barrie-Innisfil, orillia, Alliston, Bradford, Penetanguishene, oro-Medonte, Tiny, Cookstown, Collingwood and other cities within Simcoe County area are some of the places we provide service.

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How do I identify if my MacBook Pro Battery is bad or dead?


There are some signs where your MacBook Pro battery is dying or getting bad.

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How do I replace the battery on my MacBook?

MacBook Pro older than 2008– These are user accessible batteries that can be replaced by just simple instructions printed on the back cover of your MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro between 2009 and 2023– These MacBook Pro batteries are internal. To get access to the battery you need to open up the back cover and you can access the battery to replace it.

MacBook Pro 2012 and newer– These MacBook Pro batteries are also internal and glued strongly. These MacBook Pro batteries are not user-friendly and cannot be replaced easily. You either need a pro or a computer technician to replace the battery.

MacBook Pro Battery Replacement Barrie-Innisfil

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Q: Is my MacBook Pro battery replaceable?

A: All the MacBook Pro batteries are replaceable. Some are user friendly and some are not easily accessible by users.

Q: Is MacBook Pro battery replacement free?

A: Some batteries are free to be replaced if there are recalls on the MacBook Pro. Otherwise, all MacBook Pro batteries cost you to replace

Q: Do you replace the MacBook Pro Battery in store?

A: Yes, iFixDallas replaced the battery in the store. It will take about 1 to 2 hour to replace the battery on the MacBook Pro.

Q: Can MacBook Pro battery Explode?

A: All batteries have lithium ions and are highly flammable if the battery gets punctured. Some time the MacBook Pro Battery expands and pushes out the keyboard, trackpad and it will bend the entire frame.

Q: How do I know my MacBook Pro battery is good or bad?

A: You can check the MacBook Pro battery health by checking inside the battery cycle.